New Abstract Textural Photography: Match Wagon Brake Vans

The London Transport Museum depot at Acton holds a vast collection of museum displays and historical items. Sometimes they open their doors to the public for special events, including themed open weekends and guided tours.

On one such recent occasion, I had a chance to visit and was amazed of how many items are packed into this small depot. Plenty of photographic opportunities of trains, buses and associated memorabilia.

For something more unusual, I came across two London Underground Match Wagon Brake Vans, B583 and B584, which were built by British Railways in 1965. They were used for the guard’s accommodation and for braking purposes, when wagons in the train were not fitted with automatic brakes. These two wagons had seen better days, and had been exposed to the elements for some time. But I’m sure they will be restored in the near future. I liked the textures of the rotten paint stripped wood and their rusty feel, so I quickly took some shots as shown below.

Match Wagon Brake Van, B584, LT Van, 1965, tube, underground, London

London Underground Sign on a 1965 Match Wagon Brake Van, B583, B584

Match Wagon Brake Van, B584, LT Van, Underground, London,1965

Match Wagon Brake Van, B583, LT Van, London underground, 1965, BR