Sun, Sand, and Surf

Beach Photography by Daniel Pomfret

Down by the beach you can find may photographic opportunities whatever your taste. Sunsets are very popular, but there’s many other subjects. Sand dunes, and waves can give some nice textures, and If the swell is up then I’m sure there will be some surfers nearby.

While standard and wide-angle lens are better for landscape views, you may need a telephoto lens (300mm+) to capture the intensity of surfers, or better still get in the water with your underwater camera housing. Below are a few of my photographs within the beach theme. You can also click on the images to view a larger format. Until next time happy snapping.

Ocean view, Bird Island - Seychelles, 90237

Beach, Seahouses, Northumberland, UK 006

Waves, Australia, QLD 004

Waves, Australia, QLD 005

Surfer, Queensland, Australia 002

Broad Haven, South Wales 006