Various Digital Art Works

Abstract Digital Art Works

I would just like to share some of my dynamic photographic art works that I have created in the past year. I created these abstract images via Photoshop techniques and tried to find a balance that not only eye pleasing but also gives a feel of movement to well know objects. As with all abstract art, you never get it right first time – it is all about trial and error. I hope you enjoy them.

You can see more of my images here “A selection of Art Works by Daniel Pomfret”

Sydney Opera House
Sydney Opera House
St Pauls Cathedral, London
Orange and Water Drops Art Works
Orange and Water Drops
The Eye
Petronas Towers Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia HDRa
Petronas Towers Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Brooklyn Bridge, New York, NYC, USA 7893a
Brooklyn Bridge, New York City
Acanthastrea echinata, Acan, Brain Coral, Coral Art Works
Acan Brain Coral