November Newsletter

Autumn Photography

Autumn is a very colourful month for us in the northern hemisphere. Our countryside and parks transforms into a riot of yellow, red and orange from September to November. Entire forests change the colour of their leaves, early morning mist can turn into brilliant crisp clear days, this maybe the best time of year to admire and photographic our natural world.

Autumn Colours in a Park

One thing which I particularly enjoy in autumn though is the emergence of all manner of fungi and toadstools. While some species can be found almost year round, autumn is by far the best season for a fungi photography.

Correctly identifying fungi to species level is extremely difficult and many species are poisonous, and even fatal, so if you wish to forage fungi, we would advise doing so with an expert.

Autumn lasts from 1st September until 30th November, with winter then kicking off at the beginning of December. Daylight hours shorten and temperatures fall, many days are clear and crisp which means many photographic opportunities can be enjoyed. So get out there while you can, walk, relax and breathe the fresh air.

Yellow Autumn Leaves K521056
Falling Leaves

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