January Newsletter

Shooting with Film

Developing your own film can be quite fun and self rewarding. The following black and white images where all shot with my old 1980 Pentax ME Super using Ilford Delta 100 Monochrome Film and a selection of old Pentax M/A Lenses. More of my images can be found here: Black & White Images

Converting your negatives to a digital format is quite simply taking a macro photo of the negative with a dSLR combined with a macro lens. There are many methods to do this and online tutorials to guide you. I use a upright film stand holder and fire a diffused flash from behind the negative. Inverting the images to a Positive can be be done later using Image Software, with a bit of tweaking of course.

Coloured Kodachrome Film is more challenging than black and white film and can be time consuming when converting back to positives, but there are many online tutorials regarding this and quite straightforward, colour casts be adjusted using your own person tastes.

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