Water Birds Photography

Water Birds in the  London Area – Photography.

Waterbirds or aquatic birds is used to refer to birds that live on or around water, including many species of ducks, herons, coots, grebes, geese and swans. London has a large amount of wetlands and open water spaces for these birds to live and thrive, with usual visits from migrant birds.

Spring is the best time to see many birds, as it is the time when they are most active; breeding, rearing chicks and gaining weight before the cold comes around again. I manage to capture a few good photographic shots this spring including some with young chicks.

Grey Heron, Ardea cinerea 001Grey-Heron-001Cattle Egret Bubulcus ibis 9042

Great-Crested-Grebe-(Podiceps cristatus)-795Whiteheaded-duck-(Oxyura-leucocephala)-01Great-Crested-Grebe-(Podiceps cristatus)-0944White-headed-duck-(Oxyura-leucocephala)