The Green Room: Natures Colour

Australian red eyed tree frog (Litoria chloris) AUS284764

The Green Room – Nature Photography

Sunlight has all the colours of the spectrum from violet to blue, green through to red. But in the natural world it seems the colour green is the dominant one. Red and blue light have higher amounts of proton energy than others. Plants & algae have harnessed this energy using chlorophyll molecular cell structures through the process of photosynthesis. Chlorophyll absorbs the red and blue end of the spectrum and reflects what’s left – Green light and this is what we see.

The colour green can be seen to surround our natural world, mainly because the inhabits, chloroplast containing organisms like plants, algae, mosses, and lichens have dominated the earth for millions of years. No matter what the environment or climate, from freezing cold mountain tops of the Australian Alps, the dry interior of African deserts to wet jungle rainforests of Central America or the severity of the open ocean, organisms containing chloroplasts survive and thrive.

Animals that live in these environments have also adapted similar colours in order to blend in for camouflage and protection know as evolutionary crypsis. I would like to showcase the colour green in all its natural glory in my next photographic book “The Green Room” with brief examples of the natural environments and the organisms that live there. In the mean time please feel free to view my images using the nature photography Nature Gallery Menu above.

Hope you enjoy my work and until next time, happy snappy.